My LTBF gave me some jewelry on Independence Day, a set of Allen wrenches, made in USA, branded by Shinola.

Shinola, the brand, was acquired from a defunct shoe polish company. Now it is all kinds of overpriced status symbol items. It is a renaissance on so many facets, and I hope they succeed.

These wrenches also match my personal renaissance that started from my job at the bike shop. I was able to grow out of my previous self-imposed constraints of what was possible, enabling what became my career now as a software developer.

This is a fitting celebration of America’s birthday and the can-do spirit of this country and its people. It is a reminder to me not to surrender to complacency, that there is still so much opportunity ahead, that even finding oneself in a comfortable valley, there are higher mountains worth climbing. The first steps of new journeys are in the here and now.

I am not sure where to go from here. Maybe Deep Learning. Maybe a new life in Taipei. Maybe becoming an independent investor and entrepreneur. Maybe just pushing the boundaries of my day job. Maybe just getting on the bike and getting more exercise. Or just lifting weights.

Cheers for possibilities.